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It's Gym Time!

I love the feeling of getting stronger. It’s addicting.


Last workout with my gym buddy Anna (left) - she is going move to France for a year tomorrow. I’ll miss her and i need to find another gym buddy now..

We’re not the best at pushups but at least we try 💪 it is way more fun doing it that way 😁

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Anonymous asked:
Hey I still haven't done anything in yoga but like can you tell me how long will it take me to do some poses like the wheel or Vrischikasana or anything implying splits and how long should I wait before actually attempting a split? I'm so afraid of breaking a rib or something lol Thank you :)


(Oh by the way I’m the anon who asked you how long will it take me to do some poses and all, I wanted to point out that I’m going to be learning yoga at home, that’s why I wanted to know) thanks again :)


hello love! unfortunately i really cannot tell you a timeline when you’ll be able to do certain poses, because different people are really different in terms of their learning speed, body structure, bone structure, and what not. so some people may take longer than others to get their inversions and other more advanced asanas. 

however, you can definitely prep for it, such as doing more core work and upper body work to prepare for inversions, and working on poses that works your hamstring flexibility when you prepare for splits. 

most most most importantly, be patient and do not push your body beyond what it is comfortable with. you wouldn’t want to end up injuring yourself. <:

yoga is a journey, so enjoy the journey and don’t be too worried about nailing a fancy asana!

check out this post - there are quite a number of resources for you for home practice. good luck and please stay safe!!

Anonymous asked:
I love going to yoga class, but I've found that I've been getting bored and/or unmotivated to do the videos I usually do for my home practice. I've tried switching up the videos and styles, but I still am not nearly as focused and excited as I am when I am practicing with a "real life" teacher. Do you have any tips for overcoming this plateau? Thanks! :D


hello! i would say to go for some yoga classes again and get to learn some new sequence to spice up your practice <: or you can get a buddy to practice yoga with you. 

you can also check out this post - there may be some yoga resources that you haven’t seen yet, and maybe that’ll help to spice up your practice <: good luck!

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